Concierge Plans

We created Concierge plans because it is frustrating for developers and business owners alike to have to work with “micro” projects and support tasks, and because we are tired of seeing small businesses suffer from hacked websites, seeing the havoc it causes and the effect on their revenue.

Our Concierge pricing is below.


per month
  • Membership site access
  • Managed mpdates
  • 24/7 Uptime monitoring
  • Automated daily backups
  • 30-day backup retention
  • Security monitoring
  • Responsive support
  • Monthly report



per month

Essentials plan, AND

  • Ecommerce/membership site support
  • Twice daily backups
  • Advanced security
  • 20% discount on development time
  • Quarterly site speed check & tuneup


per month
Professional, plus

  • Automated hourly backups
  • 60-day backup retention
  • Google Search Console & Analytics monitoring
  • 2 hours of development time, rolls over as needed


per month


Contact Us

All concierge plans include responsive support, which means we guarantee less than a 4 hour response during business hours, and no greater than a 12 hour response on nights, weekends, and holidays.

Managed Updates

WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates. Updates are run at least weekly, if not more frequently. White Glove pays attnetion to version changes, bug reports, and vulnerability reports to determine which updates are safe to apply in which context. In the event of an update causing problems, we will roll back to a previous version until resolved.

Note: in order to maintain updates on premium theme or plugin updates, a current license must be maintained by the client.

Uptime Monitoring

We receive email and text notifications if/when your website is down for more than a couple of minutes. We will probably know before you do, and will take corrective action immediately.

Automated Backups

Backups are stored off-site (separate from hosting) on Amazon Web Services. If something happens to your hosting or hosting provider, we can still restore your website. Even hosts who provide backups don’t provide off-site backups. It’s an extra layer of peace of mind.

Membership Site Access

Coming October 2017. The White Glove Concierge dashboard gives you access to your account billing, support tickets, current and past project information, documents, and eventually tutorials, discounts, and more.


Security Monitoring

Security software automatically scans client websites on a regular basis, reports are sent to White Glove regularly, and we take action on anything swiftly, if a problem is found.


Monthly Report

A report is generated each month which logs everything changed, updated, etc. on your website for that month. These reports will also be available for review in the White Glove Concierge dashboard eventually.

Site speed check & tuneup

Page load optimization will be tweaked to improve performance. Tests will be run at least quarterly (depending on plan options). Specifica page load performance is not guaranteed, but effort will be made to improve page load on an ongoing basis.


Development Time

Time used on tasks or projects beyond the scope of the Concierge plan selected. Development time is billed hourly using the rates described in Exhibit A of this agreement.

Basic and Essentials plan clients receive a 10% discount on development time, while Professional and Enterprise plan clients receive a 20% discount on development time. In order to access the discount, development time must be pre-paid (purchased in a block of hours).

Development time may be purchased in the White Glove Concierge dashboard.

Hosting services are not included with maintenance and support plans , however, may be included as an add-on service. The hosting add-on is only available to Concierge plan subscribers. White Glove hosting plans do not include email services or management, though we can provide support for such services on other platforms using pre-paid development time.

Support service is provided via email only (and occasionally via scheduled phone call). Inbound calls are not accepted by White Glove as our team is not large enough to handle phone support.

White Glove may occasionally use premium plugins or themes to deliver Concierge plan service, but this does not extend the license rights to the client. The right to benefit from the plugin license ends if/when a Concierge plan ends, unless the client has purchased their own license to the premium plugin.

Other terms of service may be found in the client agreement. Contact [email protected]┬áif you have any questions.